Expert perspectives: Key Drivers of Youth Entrepreneurship

Last week, we wrote about the 7 Theses of GESCI-AKE Creative Media Venture for Youth Entrepreneurship: Context matters significantly; Entrepreneurial education needs to be flexible; Everything is entrepreneurial; Both digital and physical platforms matter; Your niche is important; No success without collaboration; and Support should be ongoing. We asked internal and external experts in the field — of creative industries, media business management, youth start-up incubation, start-up PR, and corporate innovation — what they considered as key drivers of Youth Entrepreneurship. We were thrilled to find that our theses are also theirs. Our warmest thanks to the contributors! Now, let us …   Read More

Lessons from GESCI-AKE: 7 Theses about Youth Entrepreneurship

GESCI is currently running an innovative education-entrepreneurship program for young digital media creatives. This post is based on the GESCI-AKE projects of the program: The Sound of the City (2014-2015), and GESCI-AKE Creative Media Venture (2016-2017). Both projects have been rooted in the ongoing, urgent, and increasingly global, concern of sustainable future of work for the world’s youth. We have collected some take-aways on youth entrepreneurship for you to consider. Please feel free to comment below: What of the following resonates with you? What do you find useful in your own field? What do you think could be added to …   Read More

Raising the bar: How ICT can elevate the status of teachers and teaching in the SDG agenda

Here is a simple truth about education: improving the motivation and social status of teachers improves the quality of their teaching,1 which results in better students and a better society. While a decline in teachers’ prestige is a global phenomenon,2 the challenge is greatest in sub-Saharan Africa.3 Teachers’ status is determined by a variety of factors, including the faulty perception that teaching is a “profession of last resort” requiring minimal skills and training.4 Other factors include low salary, which is correlated with low prestige, and the extent to which local teachers perform at a global standard.   ICT Offers Access …   Read More